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“There was complete nothingness, the sacred void. This no-space-
no-time was in perfect balance as its nothingness was perpetually radiated back into itself in an endless feedback process. But the balance was disturbed by the great unknown, which led to the sublime friction, the beginning of everything: And then, the void started to bleed. Drop by drop, the Laceration Sea was created: from its waters, the Three Orbs finally arose.

From their original pain, an ever-flowing thought was born which set them on restless motion. As they moved they weaved the fabric of time and gradually they turned into the primordial forces. Nothing was permanent anymore and nothing ever settled was spawned.

In the course of time, the Three Orbs would treat the void as a sacred space. They started to worship the void in a relentless ritual, praying for the creation of new entities, who would have the power to restore the initial balance that once surrounded the sacred... The void listened to the prayer and gave them power to spawn new lifeforms which would be known as ‘the orphans’ - they came out from the orbs in a sudden reaction resembling an insect’s belly explosion. Their calling was to perform a purification process - to sing the sublime friction out of existence and therefore to stop the bleeding. But the orphans, coming from different orbs, from very different origins, could not understand each-other. In order to establish a symbiotic relationship they had to synchronise their breathing and hence to go against their own nature.

During this purification process, there was a conflict between the orphans, derived from a cursed selfishness of the orbs. This curse generated a massive tension between the orphans about how the void should be healed, provoking an episode known as the ‘blood serpent’: when the orphans started to kill each other.

The betrayal ended in the rage and grudge of the Orphans, who transformed transcendental anger into sound, wounds of faith into light, and forged brutal and turbulent creatures who would dwell in the darkest margins of the void. The wretched origin of their progenitors reverberates inside them, and the void is still bleeding”

(Diary of Enoma: The Horse with a Thousand Tongues, unknown chapter)

Asbu unfolds a fictional and symbolic audiovisual narrative about the genesis of SYNSPECIES universe, within an oblique and disorienting timeline. Whereas the first works showed us the violent ecosystem of these audiovisual entities, Asbu takes us back in time, and presents to us the creation of this unique world through a cosmogonic myth. This journey describes the beginning of all things, from the emergence of the void’s elementary forces, to the ritual of the universe's shaping, and the birth of the first objects.

This work explores concepts and topics such as speculative fiction, the weird, superstitions, a particular view of cyberspace, the sublime, harsh realities of nature’s workings, Object Oriented Ontology, dream visions, and myths and folktales.

ASBU is coproduced by , LEV Festival , INDEX Biennale, WeSa Festival, SnaporazVerein and NODE Festival in collaboration with Basemental

The project is supported by the European Festivals Fund for Emerging Artists – EFFEA, an initiative of the European Festivals Association (EFA), co-funded by the European Union